NARS Light Reflecting Eye Brightener 15ml (Various Shades)

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Image 1, lift light and ignite helps smooth fine lines, crease resistant, instantly awakened look and up to 24 hours brightness. Image 2, chromatic pearls brighten the undereye area and help reduce the look of fine lines. Image 3, Sheer, buildable formula allows for flexible coverage. NIGHT SWAN Pink tone for very light to light complexions GOLDENEYE Peach tone for light to medium complexions IMPOSSIBLE DREAM Warm pink tone for medium to lighter medium-deep complexions MAGIC HOUR Peach tone for medium-deep complexions SUNFIRE Warm red tone for medium-deep to deep complexions. Image 4, FIND YOUR LIGHT IF YOU WEAR..... TRY... RADIANT CREAMY CONCEALER LIGHT REFLECTINGTM FOUNDATION LIGHT REFLECTINGTM EYE BRIGHTENER Chantilly, Affogato, Vanilla, Crème Brulée, Nougatine, Madeleine, Cannelle, Café con Leche Siberia, Oslo, Mont Blanc, Yukon, Gobi, Salzburg, Deauville, Vienna, Fiji Night Swan Crème Brulée, Nougatine, Madeleine, Cannelle, Café con Leche, Crema Catalana, Marron Glacé, Café Au Lait, Toffee, Honey, Custard Salzburg, Deauville, Vienna, Fiji, Punjab, Patagonia, Vallauris, Santa Fe, Sahel, Stromboli Goldeneye. Image 5, LIGHT REFLECTINGTM EYE BRIGHTENER RADIANT CREAMY COLOR CORRECTOR COVERAGE Sheer, buildable Medium, buildable BENEFIT Brightness that lasts up to 24 hours Neutralizes imperfections BEST FOR Instant undereye illumination APPLICATION Worn alone or with concealer/foundation Diminishing undereye darkness and hyperpigmentation Worn under concealer/foundation

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