Philip Kingsley Flaky/Itchy Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 1000ml

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Image 1, Before After Image 2, 100% reported Flaky/Itchy Shampoo SOOTHED their scalp* 100% reported their scalp felt more COMFORTABLE after using Flaky/Itchy Shampoo* KINGSLEY PHILIP FLAKY / ITCHY SCALD 90% reported they found Flaky/Itchy Shampoo MORE EFFECTIVE than other similar products on the market* 99% reported Flaky/Itchy Shampoo CLEARED their flaky scalp* *95 PERSON INDEPENDENT CONSUMER PERCEPTION TRIAL. ALL PARTICIPANTS SUFFERED WITH DANDRUFF/FLAKY/ITCHY SCALP. Image 3, KEY INGREDIENTS ALOE BARBADENSIS LEAF JUICE Helps to calm the scalp and condition the hair COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE Gently but effectively cleanses the hair and scalp CASTOR OIL Helps to lock in moisture Image 4, KEY BENEFITS Cleansing and clarifying Clears flaking and oil build-up Safe for color-treated hair Gentle enough for daily use Image 5, KINGSLEY PHILIP HOW TO USE 1. Wet hair and lather well with a gentle kneading of the scalp for 60 seconds 2. Rinse and repeat 3. Follow with the correct Philip Kingsley Conditioner and Scalp Toner for flaky scalps FLAKY / ITCHY SCALP Image 6, FLAKY/ITCHY SCALP DRY SHAMPOO FLAKY/ITCHY SCALP SHAMPOO KINGSLEY PHILI FLAKY/ITCHY SCALP CALMING SCALP MASK KINGSLEY PHILIP KINGSLEY PHILIP KINGSLEY PHILIP FLAKY/ITCHY SCALP CONDITIONER FLAKY/ITCHY SCALP TONER

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