Murad Environmental Shield Essential C Day Moisture Spf 30 (50 ml)

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Image 1, helps reveal radiance and protects from UV damage. image 2, SPFs for radiance and firmness. essential c-day moisture SPF 30. oily, balanced, combination dry and sensitive skint types. brightens with vitamin c, hydrates, protects and revitalises, no white cast. age balancing moisture SPF 30 = balanced, combination and dry skin types. nourishes, protects and helps improve elasticity. no white cast. image 3, next generation vitamin c = improves skin clarity, brightens and evens tone. gingko biloba = potent antioxidant that helps shield skin from environmental aggressors. broad spectrum sunscreens = help block UV rays. image 4, 3 steps to vibrant skin, brighten and protect with vitamin c. 1 = essential c cleanser = cleanse with essential c cleanser, pat dry. 2 = vita-c glycolic serum = apply vita-c glycolic serum over face, neck and chest. 3 = essential-c day moisture SPF 30 = smooth essential c-day moisture SPF30 over face, neck and chest.

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