Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Nourishing Lip Balm

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Image 1, 97% agree that lips instantly look and feel softer and more comfortable. based on a consumer study of 105 participants after 15 minutes. image 2, SPF 20 protection. image 3, 8 great benefits = UVA/UVB protection. moisture all day, strengthen, add shine, antioxidant rich, soften, smooth and prime. image 4, moisturising balm, sheer formula. image 5, formulated with = nasturtium leaf extract = defends against environmental aggressors. shea butter = leaves skin feeling smoother. vitamin e and linolenic acid = helps maintain the skin's lipid barrier. image 6, choose your lip treatment. lip protectant stick SPF 15, intensive lip balm, nourishing lip balm SPF 20.

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